. The main activities and services of this company originally were to supply the needs of spare parts of the car in the Iranian market. Gradually, with the development of the company and the growing needs of the global market, the provision of services and the supply of spare parts to consumer countries of domestic production vehicles has been added. We, like many of you who have been referring to this virtual database, have, at some point in time, taken care of the hardships and complexity of the purchase of spare parts for automobiles, and we are well aware that finding the best possible options for purchasing original equipment on the market The current crowd is overwhelming, time-consuming, and confusing.

Hence, as individuals who are not indifferent to the vehicle spare parts and the various developments of this dynamic industry, we have found that while studying the current and current scientific knowledge of the country, we should look at similar foreign experiences and understand the needs, limitations, and opportunities available. , To create and set up a virtual database.